GLCO Hampton Sun Clip, isolated view
GLCO Hampton Sun Clip, folded view
GLCO Hampton Sun Clip, front view
GLCO Hampton Sun Clip, side view

Hampton Foldable Sun Clip

Color: Matte Black with Grey Lens

Size: Custom Fit to Hampton (46) Frame


*Shown here with GLCO Hampton (46) frame, available separately


Unlike so many new eyewear brands, you can recognize a pair of Garrett Leight frames as soon as you see them. They somehow manage to be statement-making and completely understated at the same time. Garrett is the son of legendary eyewear designer Larry Leight, who founded Oliver People’s. Garrett Leight California Optical was born in Venice Beach and designed in LA; each frame is named after a street in Venice and stamped with VC/CA 90291. GLCO is influenced and inspired every day by the people, places, and stories of California.