DITA Flight 006 Sunglasses

Color: Matte Grey Crystal with 12k Gold

Lens: Dark Grey with Milky Gold Flash and backside anti-reflective coating

Size: 52/22/144

Fit: Medium


DITA believes that eyewear is the most prominent and memorable of all fashion accessories. DITA was founded in Los Angeles in 1995 with the mission to create innovative, finely crafted eyewear with a totally unique look and feel.

Edgy, yet elegant, with an East meets West aesthetic and design influence ranging from Holywood's glamorous Golden Age to the mechanized beauty of the Industrial Revolution, DITA's ability to enhance and transform a wearer's persona has earned the brand a cult-like following amongst the world's most influential celebrities, stylists, and trendsetters. 

Creating a single DITA frame can take as many as 8 months involving 320 separate production steps. The DITA manufacturing process delicately balances traditional and modern production techniques. 

If you're the kind of person who lives life on your own terms and refuses to settle for anything but the best, then welcome to DITA.